Thanks to our wonderful clients and engaged Lenders, I am delighted that BF Money has once again been awarded the MFAA’s (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia) Commercial Broker of the Year Award for 2020 for NSW/ACT. 
We are now in the running for the national title.

This award is a great acknowledgement of the tireless efforts and passion of our entire team who have rallied behind our purpose to deliver tailored solutions, expertly delivered, that enrich lives and businesses.

We want to go from good, to GREAT

We are always looking for new ways to improve our service and delivery to you.  We have been building new IT systems and processes quietly for about 18 months now that are starting to be rolled out.  Initially, these will benefit our long standing and deeply engaged clients and progressively this will be rolled out across the business.  This is a game changer!

Well thought out systems and quality advice have always been the cornerstone of delivering value and good customer experiences in a compliant method.  But we will be taking this a few steps further and engaging more deeply, providing recommendations on not just your finance, but your business practices to ensure that you have access to the capital your business needs at competitive terms years before you actually need it.  Through comprehensive digitisation, and a relationship focused model with periodic balance sheet reviews we will ensure that your business is prepared and capable of taking advantage of any opportunity.

We will be communicating these changes to you as they are rolled out but if you get a call from our customer care team or account executives in the meantime, it will be with these changes in mind.  We are very excited about what we are building and you should be too.  We are hoping to provide our clients with a real competitive advantage in accessing and managing their finances.

Thank you again to everyone that we have touched and had the pleasure of working with.  It’s certainly nice to be recognised as the best in the industry after all the effort and care we take to best serve our clients and be a valuable member of the supply chain.

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