This is Australia’s best Commercial Finance Broking team!.  Don’t just take our word for it, the The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) has crowned BF Money the best in the country for 2020 (from over 13,000 members). And we couldn’t have done it without you, our valued clients, lenders and service providers.  It is a great privilege to work with people that are the best in their respective fields and to learn and be inspired every day.  The sharing of knowledge and collective experiences is what allows us to add real value to our interactions and advice.

This past year has been one of rapid change.  While change has been prevalent now in operating conditions for the past few years, it is the rate of change that has been the hallmark of 2020.  And I’m not just referring to change in society, I’m referring to change in capital markets and debt financing.  Bank’s have tightened policies overnight and non bank’s have either tightened or increase pricing, or both.   Assisting you with access to commercial capital takes more than just great service.  Great service is HOW we do it, not WHAT we do.

Awards like this are not for bragging rights, instead we view them as recognition of the many people we have helped and that our approach adds more value than anyone else’s.  We don’t always have the answers you are looking for or say what you want to hear, but we always tell you how it is and what you need to do to respond and be prepared.

On behalf of the the BF Money family, we say thank you for your support.  This year, we will be engaging even deeper with our clients to ensure they are best placed for how ever long it takes to trade out of this crises and to assist in taking opportunities.



There has been a noticeable improvement (particularly this week) in the non bank lending appetite for property and development transactions.  Our anecdotal conversation with some lenders suggest that they are more keen to deploy capital into the Sydney market over the Melbourne one and have been slightly more reasonable on terms and pricing than they have been for several months.  Having said that, the market is still not completely fluid and they are still being discerning over the transactions they are choosing.  

We have been advocating for, and advising our clients since the beginning of this year (from before the Covid19 crisis hit) to use cheaper bank finance and pay down debt aggressively. The most simple way to do this is to apply surplus rents towards principle reductions.  Bank’s are now openly turning away from higher leveraged transactions and while some are better at communicating this than others, they each have different asset classes they are trying to re-balance and so many clients are getting out. 

Our key observations can be summarised by:

– A noticeable increase in refinancing requests as lenders are becoming more difficult on some annual reviews

– More probing into trade exposed businesses when that income is being used to support the serviceability on transactions

– A widening gap in each Bank’s appetite for different asset classes .  That is, LVR’s are being tightened on some asset classes by some Bank’s more than others.

– A widening gap in the cost of money as LVR’s increase.  Even though money is still available for higher LVR deals, the cost of that money is becoming greater

– A trend towards deleveraging transactions.  55% is often the new 65% LVR to maintain competitive terms

Unlike the GFC, there is plenty of liquidity in the market yet and the government is providing so much stimulus all at one time that it is unlikely to run out in a hurry. 

The last few years has also seen a more sophisticated non bank sector with some institutional funds exce
eding the size of 2nd tier bank’s and many others carving out their niche appetites.  There are still some that are very opportunistic, while others are establishing brands and demonstrating values through good corporate behaviour.  We have deep relationships in this space and are always researching and meeting new different players to provide you with the best sources of capital for your business and aspirations.

Difficult and changing market conditions 
is really when we get an opportunity to showcase our two decades of experience and expertise. This gives businesses that are engaged with BF Money are real competitive and operating advantage in the market place.

For real, straight forward advice and straight talk, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your circumstances and requirements.