No tax returns…No problems at BF MONEY!

I hear it all too often, the frustration of successful self-employed people, working hard to grow their business, boasting positive revenue streams, but struggling to be considered “worthy” for competitive financing options from their bank.

In my experience they are usually savvy investors looking to fund a commercial or development property investment, or take the next step toward a better home and lifestyle. But due to the onerous requirements to provide comprehensive financial, employment and personal information, for many self-employed and contract workers this proves a difficult, frustrating and sometimes expensive process.


Despite the fundamental shift in the employment landscape in Australia, the banks remain biased toward a traditional view of “steady” employment.  The casualisation, contracting and outsourcing phenomenon has resulted in over 2.4 million Australians classified as self-employed, including 1.2 million sole traders.

Unfortunately, many self-employed applicants feel they are treated as second-class citizens by the banking industry when it comes to funding their financial goals.

Many clients I speak to are financially astute, self-employed, hard-working people with adequate incomes, but their banks consider them a credit risk due to the unpredictability and variability of their income and cash flow month to month.

At BF MONEY we think you deserve a better deal!
We don?t think it’s fair to judge the potential success of a growing business on such a narrow box-ticking credit score criteria.

We understand that the numbers are rarely a true reflection of your circumstances or your success. This is why we don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and don’t simply take your application and let the software judge your suitability.

Whatever your circumstances, we take the time to understand and find solutions based on our discussions with you and the documents you have, not tax returns alone.

We have the power to offer a wide range of loans to suit a variety of financial situations that don’t fit traditional lending criteria.

Whether it’s home loans, car and equipment finance, commercial loans or financing your next construction or development project, we can source a solution from our own brand of loan products as well as a carefully considered range from major banks, institutional and specialty lenders.

Chances are, we already have a suitable, flexible lending solution to help you achieve your financial goals – which means you probably have more loan options than you first thought.

At BF MONEY you get access to solutions with all the usual benefits of loans including; additional repayments, redraws, line of credit, variable or fixed rates or interest only mortgages.

Here’s another BF MONEY success story;

“We were struggling to find lenders and brokers to provide us with a loan solution but BF MONEY made it easy and delivered a product which suited us.

The team were always there to answer our questions and assist us every step of the way. They have a detailed knowledge in Residential Construction Finance and I would recommend BF MONEY without hesitation.”
Nikola Cuca, (Sydney NSW)

So, if you’ve had enough of the run-around and feeling like a second-class citizen with your bank, Let’s talk! We’ll show you more loan options and more ways you can achieve your financial goals. George Karam Director