So, you’re ready to take your business, investments or development ambitions to the next level?

It’s understandable that you might feel a bit overwhelmed and not know where to begin.

That’s where BF Money can help.

Our unparalleled network of banks, non-bank lenders and private financiers enables us to provide the most competitive commercial finance options.


Our independence and experience gives us the flexibility to provide tailored solutions and act quickly to gain financing based upon your exact needs and requirements.


Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from BF Money’s service.







The first thing we do is take the time to listen to understand your needs. Once we identify your needs we will discuss your personal finances to learn about your current financial position – expect to talk about your income, expenses, asset and liability position, and your financial goals.


Next, your documentation will be reviewed and assessed and recommendations made to determine a suitable lending solution. Once that assessment is successful, you will be issued with a mandate letter which will outline the terms of the lending solution what we believe we can procure, for your review and acceptance.


We will negotiate the terms of the approval with the lender. We’ll obtain the valuation and deal with all the stake holders to ensure you receive the best terms possible with minimum fuss. At this point, you will be issued a formal approval, and the loan agreement which details the terms and conditions of the loan.


We remain available and committed to assisting you post approval to negotiate the outstanding terms, or to satisfy any outstanding conditions.


The settlement date does not mean the end of your journey with BF Money. We will remain committed to assisting you throughout the life of your loan, and beyond.

We conduct periodic reviews of your facilities and balance sheet to ensure that you have access to the cheapest source of capital.

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