We LOVE Townies

We’ve canvassed the best lenders in the market to offer an excellent non-bank product that’s perfect for townhouse construction.

Our townhouse loan product ticks all the right boxes;

  • You can borrow up to 66% of the completion value
  • There?s no line fee
  • Quick approval times
  • Little or no pre-sale requirement
  • Up to $5m loan amounts

The Sydney property market has a long standing infatuation with townhouse construction investments, and for good reason. Townhouses are popular for first-time buyers on a budget, buyers looking for a quality property in a good location and for experienced investors seeking to grow or diversify their portfolio.

At BF MONEY, our experienced and award-winning team specialise in obtaining structured development finance for your projects, combining over 50 years? experience in banking and finance with expertise in both the legal and accounting sectors.

So, give us a call today. Let?s Talk Townies!