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We stand behind the loan solutions we provide.

As part of the value to our clients, we are doing regular reviews of the cost and suitability on the home loans we have originated.  We are extending this capability to all commercial loans as well, and expanding our service proposition at no cost to you. To continue to deliver the best combination of loan solutions for your circumstances, and to ensure they remain so.

Those clients that do business with us regularly know this and have seen the power it gives to their business.  Not just in easy times, but in difficult times as well.  So, you can get the best value from your facilities.

There is a stark difference between clients that let us prepare them for opportunities, and those that come to us for help with a particular transaction.  And while we can help with both, we do our best work when we can engineer your debt portfolio, so you have certainty to make investments at low cost, and with great terms.

We’re reviewing your home loan rates.
Our existing clients will have been receiving emails that we are periodically (every 6-12 months) doing interest rate reviews on home loans we have originated.

We’ve managed to achieve some significant savings for most people.  And we will continue to do this as part of our ongoing service to you.  It’s part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the loans we have written remain competitive and appropriate.

This is a free service on home loans that we have originated. If you need help with your home loans, please call us on 02 9687 9444.

We are expanding Rate reviews to our commercial loans as well.
Existing clients would be familiar with how much we assist at annual review and renewal time. We don’t just settle your loan and leave you to deal with the aftermath. To this end, we are developing and rolling out a deeper service proposition to monitor your facilities overall, so we can make sure your entire debt portfolio is the most well-structured and well-priced that it can be.  We’ll be writing to our existing clients with ways you can achieve this.

There are plenty of loan options.
Banks and non-banks are still lending. Many banks have reduced their income hurdles. Some more than others. So, if you’re having difficult conversations about your current facility, reach out to see how we can help.

We have some great non-bank and low-doc options for commercial and residential loans. Often these are priced only fractionally over conventional bank. But they have higher loan to value ratio’s, much easier terms, no annual reviews, and speed to settlement. We can help you navigate, ensuring you deal with a credible lender and negotiate the best terms.

Equipment Finance

With less builders commencing jobs, there may be an opportunity to pick up a great deal on equipment.  Cranes, Manitou’s, Hoists, and cars.  We can provide solutions through master asset finance limits right down to individual transactions. And if we already have your financial information, it can be quick and seamless.

Home Loan Cashbacks coming to an end.
NAB is the latest major bank to announce an end to its $2,000 cashback for new home loans lodged after 30th June. So, if you are intending to apply, now is the time to do it before it’s too late!

Many banks have funded these cashbacks by increasing the interest rates on existing clients which is why we have focused on ensuring our existing clients don’t pay more than they should.  Remember, where your current Broker/Banker stops, BF Money continues.

Watch this short video to see how people empower our business: