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Whether you’re looking for construction finance for your commercial building, or a property development loan for a residential project, we can help.

At BF Money, our experienced and award-winning team specialise in obtaining structured development finance for your projects, combining over 50 years’ experience in banking and finance with expertise in both the legal and accounting sectors.


Our strong alliances and partnerships with lenders allows us stay up-to-date about their risk appetites and loan products resulting in us keeping our finger firmly on the pulse of the industry. This knowledge enables us to provide our clients with quality advisory and brokerage services, regardless of the size and complexity of the project. We help you maximise your borrowings at the best possible terms.

Different types of property development require differing approaches to funding. For example, building a shopping centre or a mixed-use development will call for a completely different process to building hotels and accommodation.

Irrespective of the project, a lender wants some key information before they invest:

  • the location and type of the proposed development
  • the profit potential of the project
  • design and delivery of the project
  • development plan
  • how experienced the builder is
  • how experienced you are as a property developer

We first carry out a development feasibility study to determine whether the project is worth your time, money and energy. We then conduct thorough market research to determine the valuation, and finally, we create a strong development plan and solution proposal. This provides the lenders with the answers and the confidence they want before they decide to fund a project.